A Summer Saturday

It’s that time again – street parties, fairs and strawberry teas. Yesterday I started by judging the dog contest in Highgate Village’s ‘Fair in the Square’. Every year Pond Square is the centre of a real village type fair – with stalls, rides and entertainment. This is my second year of judging the dog contest. The categories were: waggiest tail, best looking, veteran class and dogs shown by children under 10.

Competition is actually very fierce – and one chap was so cross he missed the start of the veteran class that the organiser had to give him special entry into the best looking category – or else!

From there I went to the Myddleton Road Community Garden Picnic – to ‘say a few words’. This Community Garden I have personally watched grow from literally nothing to the now beautifully planted open space, with great garden furniture and mosaics on the walls – and so well loved and used by the local community. A great success.

Matt Cooke (a Haringey Labour councillor) said a few words first. And in those words, I couldn’t believe my ears, he said that Haringey Council would now have to look for £25million worth of cuts because of central Government reductions in the money given to local authorities. Those reductions actually amount to £3.2million to Haringey (not £25million).

So I will be asking Cllr Cooke why the mark up?

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  1. The markup is probably due to the strategy of Labour trying to make the coalition look bad. Afterall, Harriet Harman has claimed that the Coalition govt was using exaggerated claims about the scale of Britain’s deficit in order to push through spending cuts. More details at http://bit.ly/HarrietHarmanClaims

  2. One trick is to look at predicted cost increases during the 5 year term, assume that central govt funds will not rise to help pay for them, then add a huge risk factor. Then assume that the £3.2M is only the start, and that we will move to Canadian style dramatic cuts within 3 weeks.

  3. Not sure why the mark up but as with everything context is king! His comments may have been taken out of context which is one of the reasons I try to think before I judge or speak.

  4. Christina’s comment on Lynne seems valid – perhaps you could waited for a response from MC prior to posting.

    Wouldn’t have been so eye grabbing though eh?