Hornsey School for Girls – another brilliant event

YPI (Youth and Philanthropy Intitiative) is a program developed in Canada and now in schools here which raises awareness among young people about philanthropy.

On the ground – what this means is best described by the event I went to last night. The girls were in teams of about four or five. They had over a series of ten weeks chosen a local charity, visited and worked with them to understand what they were about and for this occasion – put together a presentation to judges (and us in the audience) to win the £3000 prize which would go to that charity.

I could only stay for the first three presentations. The first team were championing Noah’s Ark Hospice – incredibly moving – with computer images in the back ground and a role play and song. Then Action for Kids was the next team’s charity. I know this group very well having visited them several times. The words and the staging were fantastic and you could see that the girls who had gone to visit had really got it – understood the value of young people with all sorts of disabilities, including learning disabilities, having somewhere to train and work. The last one supported a charity which helped victims of domestic violence. What was so compelling in their presentation was the depth of understanding of what domestic violence does – not just to the direct victim – but to the family around.

All three were quite extra-ordinary – so I look forward to hearing who won the cheque for their charity –  but I can’t imagine how the judges could choose between all worthy causes and brilliant presentations.

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  1. This sounds like a very special event. Young people can be very inspirational and personally I learn something from them all the time. Taking the time and understanding things like a learning disability is something which I think is very special, I have a neice with learning disabilties and do know from my family the difficulty of being accepted in certain areas. I am sure this was a rewarding time for everyone who took part I wish the winners well, I do however think anyone who gives their time and energy to this sort of event is a winner!!!

  2. I hope they chose one of the decent domestic violence charities, rather than the sexist ones which have unfortunately been hijacked by man-hating extremists.

    One of the best London based organisations is the National Center for Domestic violence who will help all victims rather than just 60% of them (and as far as I know they really do care about all victims rather than just pretending to).


  3. Lynne I expect you are sitting in the bath today so let me help by blogging for you.

    Here we are it’s a Saturday and honestly its all going really truly fabby. Who would have thought that I would be doing not saying at this point in history? Yes I am making history.

    I don’t listen to the news at weekends so I can definitely say that the new politics, utterly corruption free and no longer dominated by dishonest money grubbing millionaires is also deeply fab.

    I am so proud that we have put together this coalition in the national interest as it is paving the way for making the much needed swiftly made cuts that the general public, in all parts of Muswell Hill, has been demanding.

    It is going to affect us all. Why, some of us are having to rent rooms from people that we do not even know let alone have a relationship with.

    Fortunately here in Highgate things are really peaceful.

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