Tories don't know what to do about Nick Clegg! We do – we agree with Nick!

Yes – we have to keep our heads in the midst of all this heady stuff, remember one swallow doesn’t make you know what – and make sure we all carry on campaigning until we drop.

Meanwhile – Nick just has to carry on being himself and telling the people about our policies in the next Sky Leader Debate on Thursday. That’s all that really happened last Thursday – and when the nation finally got a fair look at Nick Clegg – they clearly liked what they saw and heard.

The Tories appear to have gone into a complete panic. ‘Knives are out for Clegg’ the headlines said. I see this morning that has transmuted into William Hague threatening a European superstate if the Liberal Democrats were to become the Government.

Well firstly this just smacks of sheer desperation and secondly it is not true – just sabre rattling.

But the real point is that the Tories still don’t get it. They are trotting out the old tired politics, the same old lines of attack, the yesterday approach to today’s problems.

If they looked squarely at what happened in the debate last week – then they have to know that returning to dog-whistle politics and banging the EU drum is not going to be the game-changer they need.

So the Conservatives clearly don’t agree with Nick.

Maybe that’s where they’re going wrong!

0 thoughts on “Tories don't know what to do about Nick Clegg! We do – we agree with Nick!

  1. From my vantage point, the Tories are making an error of the same magnitude as the “demon eyes” posters used in 1997. The voters are drawing in a breath of fresh air now, as they were then: they’re not going to thank the people trying to cut off the oxygen supply.