Who will 'win' the leader debate tonight?

Well – it’s been a long time coming – but tonight’s the night.

The three Party leaders will be in the nation’s focus at 8.30pm tonight on domestic issues.

Will a sweat drop on Gordon’s lip lose him the election? I would hope it would be more his track record: closing our post offices, threatening to close the Whittington A&E, underfunding our children in Haringey schools unfairly – and dithering – not only over the election that never was  – but also dithering at a crucial point over what to do about the economic melt down. If he had followed Vince Cable’s instructions sooner rather than later – we might not be behind every one else coming out of the recession.

So let the wild rumpus begin! (I wished).

0 thoughts on “Who will 'win' the leader debate tonight?

  1. The winner will be the first one to inevitably use the ‘volcanic ash cloud’ as a metaphor.