There's an election coming – hurrah!

So we’re off!

The general election will be the chance to cast a verdict on my record as your MP over the last five years – and in the local elections – on Labour’s record running Haringey Council for the last 40 years.

It’s been an absolute privilege and a joy to be the MP in Hornsey & Wood Green, representing the constituency where I went to school, where I got married and where I have worked for many years. I’ve helped over 28,000 residents with their issues – from those that affect the many like the threatened closure of the Whittington A&E to the very individual and personal issues – which affect just one person.

If you look at my website – you will see a record of my work across the constituency over the years. And you know that you can contact me through the contact details on this site if there is anything you want to ask me, any issues you want to raise or if you would like to help with my campaign.

The elections in Hornsey & Wood Green will be very close between Liberal Democrats and Labour – and every vote will count – both in the General and the local elections.

But the election is only part of the democratic story that needs to be written. Half of our Parliament – the House of Lords – isn’t elected at all. And far too many seats in the Commons are safe seats – regardless of their MPs’ record.

That is why we need to change the political system altogether – as you can watch in my YouTube clip: