Whittington A&E – Story 22

Juliet’s story:

I have been extremely grateful for the A and E department at the Whittington Hospital several times in the last few years, including one time when I had a very nasty foreign body in my eye (accident in Muswell Hill, on the 43 bus route), and another time when I tripped on a pavement on the Holloway Road and was in enormous pain after landing on on a hand and, as it turned out, cracking my wrist.

The accident happened on the Holloway Road, and I was able to get there, by bus, really quite quickly. The hospital was super and the treatment (and the follow-up, which went on some time) excellent. Had I had to go to, for example, the Royal Free, there would have been a lot of delays to start with and it would have been extremely difficult to get there.

We badly need an excellent facility such as this one in this very centralised and easy to reach neighbourhood. I cannot recommend it too highly and trust it will be possible to avert its potential destruction.