Fair funding campaign – consultation starts!

It’s several years since I discovered the terrible unfair funding Haringey children get and started the Campaign for Fair Funding . Our children get £1318 less per head for their schools than neighbouring boroughs like Camden, Islington and Hackney. We have now reached the point where the Government is finally consulting on the funding formula for schools to start in 2011.

After a long campaign and lots of help from all of you – we now have the opportunity to respond forcefully to the consultation that could help     address that existing unfairness that sees Haringey’s children getting £1318 less per pupil than in neighbouring inner London boroughs.  I have contacted thousands of local residents with information on how they can help.

The consultation is running until the 7th June. The Government is consulting on a change in the funding formula, where one option would give Haringey’s children 6.6% more funding (around £10.8 million), and one option would keep the current funding arrangements that mean Haringey schools pay ‘inner-London’ wages but get ‘outer-London’ money.

To respond to the consultation, please go to http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/consultations/

This is our opportunity to do something about the Labour Government’s unfair funding of Haringey schools. (Needless to say  if Liberal Democrats were to win the coming election – our ‘pupil premium’ would deliver fair funding for Haringey children and bring about £30 million into our schools extra each year).

The funding options put forward by the Government are far from perfect – and don’t fully correct the current unfairness. But the ‘hybrid’ option would at least increase our funding by £10.8 million– and that’s better than no increase! So please take a minute to respond – this is our chance to make a difference for our kids’ futures.