Whittington A&E – Story 19

S’s story:

I have heard about the plans to close the Whittington A&E and am very concerned to say the least. As a mother with two young children the Whittington A&E has been an essential trip for middle of the night meningitis/high temperature scares where there really is no time to waste going through the frustrating motions of NHS direct and they usually tell you to go straight to A&E anyway.

If there is no A&E where is everyone to go? As a baby, my son was severely dehydrated following an illness and the staff at A&E were fantastic – the same when my daughter has a high temperature and she refused oral medication. We have been there many times at various times of day and night for various medical emergencies and I cannot imagine what life would be like if it was not there.

It is an essential service and there is no alternative close enough. It is a ridiculous decision made by men in suits who have no idea what it is to sit at A&E with a sick child – we need a local A&E and there is no way that closing it will not have an dangerous impact on those who really need treatment at any time of the day and night. As a mother, I need to know there is help if I need it, if my children are ill and it’s not a GP matter or it’s out of hours, which quite often these emergencies are after all children can’t choose when they are sick or need emergency help, but often it is at night when A&E is the only option as calling out a GP can take up to four hours and by then if it’s something as deadly as meningitis it could well be too late.

The Royal Free is already overloaded and the Middlesex is too far – the new medical centre in Park Road, must have cost millions and it is not even treating A&E patients. It’s crazy to close the Whittington A&E – have these people really considered the implications?

Somehow I doubt it!