Whittington A&E – Story 11

Dawn’s story:

My four year old son caught his finger in the door of some public toilets in Highgate last summer. It was a very bad cut and looked as if the bone had been crushed. Naturally, he was in agony and great distress and the finger was bleeding profusely. I was with our two other small children and we ran to the A and E at the Whittington and were soon reassured that no bone had been broken, there was no sign of likely infection and that the cut just needed gluing.  The thought of driving all three children to the Royal Free Hospital in the afternoon traffic (a journey that can easily take half an hour or more) makes me go cold.

I would probably have felt I had no choice but to call an ambulance. Such an action would put further strain on the ambulance/ emergency service surely?  I shudder to think of what could happen if any of my children (or indeed their mummy or daddy) needed prompt emergency attention to save their life….The Royal Free Hospital is too far; it is a disgrace for London residents to have to travel such a distance. We are living in a densely populated area, not in the Outer Hebrides….

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  1. Brilliant story. I wholeheartedly agree with Dawn. I am also really worried where to take small children in an emergency when the Whittington A&E closes.