Whittington A&E – Story 10

Adrian’s story:

I completely support the campaign to keep the A&E service going at the Whittington and have had three experiences:- 1. About 18 months ago I cut my foot badly at home (I live in Crouch End). My wife drove me to the Whittington, where I had a rapid first examination and assessment, before taking my place in the queue while more serious injuries were dealt with. Had the Whittington not been available, (and because of the amount of blood!), I would have had to call for an ambulance.
2. I have a stepbrother with Aspergers syndrome. About 2 1/2 years ago, at a time when he was self medicating, he became very concerned, and disturbed that he had taken too much medicine. He was able to take himself to the Whittington, who discussed the matter with him, to discover that in fact he had failed to take one particular set of medication. (When I went to pick him up, I was informed, tongue in cheek, that A&E was not the place for people who had underdosed!)

3. My 80 year old mother in law had a fall at home about 4 years ago, leaving her very bruised, shaken and distressed. We took her to the Whittington where she had a rapid first assessment, and was then kept for observation for about 4 hours. A more distant hospital would have need the services of an ambulance, and would have been considerably more distressing for her.

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  1. About 12 years ago, I was having a lot of epileptic fits all in one day and
    I had fallen over indoors breaking my collar bone in 2 places, the Whittington’s
    A & E basically helped me so much that I don’t know what North London
    would do without this very valuable service specially if the patient is
    severely ill.

    I have signed the petitions as have others I’ve told about it.