Haringey – New Ofsted report

The second inspection of Haringey’s Children’s Service has now reported. Last time they found that Haringey was not improving fast enough. This time – the report finds that they have done better. Given the staff are working very hard to improve things and there is a new Director – I would hope that this is the case.

The only question mark is really over how much confidence we can have in Ofsted. This is the inspectorate that gave Haringey 3 stars during the period that Baby Peter was falling through the Haringey net – and when it went public – gave them 1 star.

Hopefully – Ofsted too have improved their inspections and would not be fooled again by doing a desk inspection where Haringey provide (as they say happened last time) false information.

But I am very glad if, at last, things are getting better – both for any children at risk in Haringey – but also for those staff who have had to come through one of the most demoralising and difficult work situations that can be faced.

0 thoughts on “Haringey – New Ofsted report

  1. I too wonder how effecitve these people are. not only didn’t Ofsted find anything wrong in Haringey they didn’t even notice the cover ups (Baby P and now Baby Y). if they are unable to see through deliberate cover ups – what use are they? how can anyone have confidence in these paper pushers?
    i fear the taxpayer just forks out a fortune and gets nothing useful in return.