Labour u turn on digital aerials – we hope!

It looks like the formidable campaign by my LibDem colleague Cllr Matt Davies, the Leaseholders’ forum, various local campaigners (and me) will succeed. You can read the full story here. Haringey Council wanted to charge astronomical charges to their council blocks for digital switchover – £1000 to each home – way over the odds. After a long battle it looks like this will now be reduced to £400. That’s not as low as it could go – but it’s a hell of a lot better than before. Fingers crossed for the meeting next week where this will/should go through.

0 thoughts on “Labour u turn on digital aerials – we hope!

  1. How on earth can they justify such a charge? The £75 charge in Islington (I quote from your earlier News item) is more like it – plus perhaps a small service charge if it really does need a lot of work on a Council block’s internal cables.

  2. All London Councils are desparate to raise money.
    They will do it by any method they can, ……………and get away with.
    Westminster has been doing it through Parking revenues.
    But hey, this going digital lark is a new wheeze for clawing back even more money from the Council tax payer.
    Trust Haringey to try it.