Guardian decides shape of future government

The Guardian front page this morning says we have ruled out coalition with both Labour and Tories.  In recent weeks I think they have had stories saying we will support coalition with Labour, coalition with the Tories – and now – no coalition at all.

We haven’t changed our position at all. The people, not the party leaders, are the kingmakers and it is completely pointless and wrong to try and predict the future until people have had their chance to vote.

The voters will decide the result of the election and then all the parties will have to respond to the country’s decision.

What we have said is that our four key priorities around fairness are what’s important.

0 thoughts on “Guardian decides shape of future government

  1. As someone who cares about transport, the prospect of Norman Baker as transport secretary in a hung parliament rather appeals to me…

  2. Bah! One minute you’re skipping round the office and all is right with the world; the next minute somebody brings you back to reality with a bump.

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