Lib Dems demand action on road sign error

Local Liberal Democrats have this week asked how much Haringey Council has spent correcting road signs after it emerged that a sign in Woodside ward was incorrect, with the road name spelt wrongly.

The error was spotted in a week when many local councils have been criticised for using hundreds of pounds of taxpayers’ money correcting misspelled signs. The sign in Pellatt Grove, Woodside Ward, has been reported to Haringey Council and a request has been made for the cost of all changes in signs for the last five years.

In June 2007 Liberal Democrats in Harringay ward revealed that Haringey Council failed to spell Harringay Passage correctly. Haringey Council even spelled ‘councillor’ incorrectly on car parking spaces outside the Civic Centre in Wood Green in 2008.

Ian Simpson, Liberal Democrat Focus Editor in Woodside Ward, comments:

“It may seem like a small thing but the misspelling of the Pellatt Grove sign is a reflection of the poor service local residents currently receive from Haringey Council.”

Angela Kawa, Liberal Democrat Focus Editor in Woodside Ward, adds: “What is more surprising is that a Labour councillor hold his advice surgery only yards away from the sign yet has failed to notice it.”