Great Ormond Street Hospital – did they hear what I was saying?

I finally got to meet the Chair (Baroness Blackstone), the CEO (Jane Collins) and several non-executive members of the Board of Great Ormond Street yesterday.

I was there on two counts. The first was to ask why Kim Holt, the whistle-blowing, senior paediatrician who raised concerns over child protection in Haringey and was not listened to, had not begun to be re-instated having been on ‘special leave’ for two years despite agreement to so do. The second thrust of my meeting was about issues around bullying and unhappiness amongst medical staff and what had been done to address those issues.

I am not going to blog the detail today – but I did take notes. Suffice to say I tried to warn them but when I walked out – I really wondered whether they were able to hear what I told them.