Conservative reaction to Tory leaflet

Canvassing in Hornsey & Wood Green this last weekend, there was a solitary, sodden Tory leaflet on the pavement. I picked it up and put it in a bin – as political litter gives all of us a bad name. Then yesterday I received this email from a local constituent. This is what she sent to the Conservative candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green in response to that  same leaflet – and she has given me permission to publish it.

Dear Mr Merrin
I have lived in Shepherds Hill for four years and other than receiving one very apathetic communication from your goodselves prior to the last Local Elections, this is the first Conservative newsletter I have had posted through my door! I rather think that you ought to change the title of your newsletter because ‘in touch’ you are not! Ah well, as the General Election is looming, I suppose you had to produce something!

Your comments about Lynne Featherstone in your newsletter are rather unfair – but that’s politics I guess – let’s have a dig! Take it from me, she is much respected by her constituents who find her very proactive and approachable, and issues brought to her and her Lib Dem councillors are resolved quickly. Any issues I have wanted Ms Featherstone to take up for me have been dealt with promptly and resolved. She informs frequently with newsletters and she e-mails her supporters on matters which are of importance to us. I, and others I know in Shepherds Hill, think she is probably the best MP in Parliament.

I have voted Conservative all my life, but this time I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats – I like their thinking and I want Ms Featherstone to retain her seat in Parliament.

Yours sincerely

Carole                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Highgate