Labour U-turn on mandatory retirement age

I thought the Today Program had good researchers – but listening this morning and hearing that the Government says there was no support for abolishing the mandatory retirement age during the Equality Bill is rubbish.

I, myself, raised it in Second Reading:

My last point about age discrimination and matters mandatory is that I cannot for the life of me understand why the Government have retained a mandatory retirement age. It seems completely wrong. I am surprised, as it is clearly discriminatory to decide on an arbitrary age as a cut-off. I heard what the Leader of the House said about the default retirement age being on a separate track, but the issue should be included in the Bill.

Moreover, at Committee Stage, I tabled an amendment to end this arbitrary discrimination against older people. Obviously individuals should have the right to choose when to stop working.

And, my LibDem colleague, Lord Anthony Lester, who is leading in the Lords on the Equality Bill (and whose life work has been equalities) has been pushing the Government very hard on this too.

I’m very glad that the Government have now seen sense but am fed up that when the LibDems lead the way –  the BBC fails to report accurately.

Anyway – hurrah – in the end the right thing has come about.

0 thoughts on “Labour U-turn on mandatory retirement age

  1. You’re right to a point but what about the young people who can’t get jobs? A lot of the older people who wish to continue working are in jobs which school leavers and other young people could get but if they’re blocked by these folk working on past 65 what is available for them? I’m not saying there’s an easy answer but on balance the vast majority of old peole can get an income past 65; there’s not much that a school or college leaver who’s never worked will get.

  2. BBC Radio 4 News in the early morning does have its ups and downs, and recently there have been quite a few downs, with later bulletins hurriedly trying to make amends. The quality seems to go down during a holiday period, and then take a while to creep back up – and, of course, the bad weather seems to have prolonged the agony.

  3. I agree entirely with you about the mandatory retirement age. As regards the BBC they focus too much on the other two parties, and like any organisation have lots of faults. But when you are directly involved in an issue and passionate about it, i can see it would be extremely annoying.