Senior Haringey Labour Councillor defects to us

Councillor Brian Haley has resigned from the Labour party and joined the Liberal Democrats over Haringey being rated as London’s worst council.

In fact, I hear there have been several other Labour councillors who have made noises about joining us – but no others have been accepted. It’s not that easy. Brian made it through the panels, interviews and procedures – as we are pretty rigorous in terms of the motives of any would be defector. Brian answered all the very difficult questions.

Brian, who is one of the country’s most senior black Labour councillors, has been a Labour Council representative for 16 years. The move increases the number of Liberal Democrats seats held in Tottenham which is a key battleground in May’s elections for control of Haringey Council.

Brian said of his reasons: “Over the last few months it has become clearer and clearer that Labour has absolutely no vision of how to lift Haringey out of its current mess. It is for this reason I have taken the difficult decision to leave Labour and join the only party that has the ideas and ability to turn things around.”

“Haringey Liberal Democrats are the only party with the drive and determination to provide local residents with the quality of service they deserve. I would urge anyone wavering in their support for Labour to join me in backing the Liberal Democrats which offers a positive change locally.”

So – I welcome Brian to the Liberal Democrats – and our fight to win Haringey Council from this dreadful Labour administration that has held sway for 40 years. Labour are so used to being in power here that it has made them arrogant and they long ago forgot that they are meant to serve us – not drive us mad with their incompetence and to anger over their appalling standard of performance.

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  1. Who shall I complain to re non collection of rubbish now? You are lucky to get an answer if you phone … you can waste hours & £££ simply trying to get through.There is no reason given when you do get through…. incompetence at it’s best… or worst. FOBBED off time & time & time again. Who is in charge of Haringey Enterprise anyway?? Are they for real?

  2. Hi mrrusty! Well – first stop for non-collection of rubbish is to phone the contractor (Haringey Accordd) directly on 0208 885 7700. You can report it online if you go to Haringey Refuse Collection – but who knows how long that would take. If you have tried and got nowhere – then you can ring my office on 0208 340 5459 or email me with details on