More car club bays for Highgate after Liberal Democrat success

Residents in Highgate will have more access to car club vehicles, after Haringey Council agreed to adopt Liberal Democrat councillors’ proposals to provide more car club bays for local people.

Haringey Council has taken up Liberal Democrat Councillor Neil WiIliams’ calls for improvements to the initial scheme, set up last year, which failed to include the densely populated Miltons area of Highgate, east of Archway Road, and the north of Highgate, near the Kenwood Estate.

Haringey Council is now proposing that four more car club bays will be installed – two near the Kenwood Estate and two in the Miltons area. The new bays in Highgate are part of an expansion of the car club scheme, which will provide an additional 39 spaces.

Cllr Neil Williams (Highgate ward) comments:

“I am glad that Haringey Council has recognised our calls to make it easier for local Highgate residents to use the car club scheme.

“It hasn’t been long since my colleague Cllr Rachel Allison led the campaign, successfully, for the introduction of a car club scheme in Highgate. Now we have a scheme that is thriving and expanding.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“Car clubs are vital in the continuing fight to reduce our carbon footprints. Well done to Highgate councillors, for helping to get better access for local residents.”

Locations of the new Car Club bays:

  1. Sheldon Avenue N6 4NJ: two car club parking bays near Kenwood Estate.
  2. Tudor Close N6 5PR: two car club parking bays in Homes for Haringey car park.

0 thoughts on “More car club bays for Highgate after Liberal Democrat success

  1. If you go onto the Streetcar site – you will see that the Highgate cars are booked out solidly. If you want more detail – then contact Cllr Neil Williams directly. It’s a really good scheme and working well. Why are you so cynical?