BBC got the message

A little while back I blogged about the BBC headline on their World service’s Africa ‘Have your Say’ debate – where it seemed that they thought that gay executions was an appropriate subject to be debated. I received the following from their Public Affairs Coordinator after kicking up about this.

Dear Ms Featherstone,
Having noted your comments about BBC World Service’s Africa Have Your Say debate, I thought you should be aware of an interview that was held with our Director, Peter Horrocks, on Newshour yesterday, in which he apologies for any offence caused. This, along with comments from Peter and others in the Editors’ blog (, gives an update and further background on the Africa Have Your Say debate:

I hope that this helps to address your concerns. However, if you would like to meet with our Head of Africa and Middle East region to discuss further, please let me know and we will be very happy to arrange a meeting.
Best wishes,
Edward Teather
Public Affairs Coordinator, BBC World Service

I have responded saying that I don’t think I need to meet with them as they appear to have learned their lesson – the hard way! And I don’t believe the intent was malevolent – just hugely inept.

0 thoughts on “BBC got the message

  1. Congrats you single-handedly did it, taught the Beeb a lesson in authoritarian UK. Arguably by having such a in your face title it really raised the awareness of this topic which is a serious problem. If it was given something more “PC” friendly would this horrendous actions taken by the government get any attention at all or just be ignored about … See Moremany of the worlds injustices. I’m offended yet again the BBC has bowed down to pressure and not stood its ground against those easily offended. Wheres your scolding of the actual injustice in Uganda reaches a small byline in your final paragraph, a mere after thought maybe. BBC cannot be responsible for people who responded who are ultimately the ones you’re offended by and there is a term on the Internet called Trolls they purposely write offensive stuff to get people worked up about it.
    I would rather the few get offended by an abuse of free speech then not have it at all. Everything offends someone else iIf you take away the right to say F**K you take away the right to say F**k the government (even having to censor this in the effort it wont be deleted) Once you limit what people can say even a little you start eroding at it all.