Harriet Harman's u-turn!

Lying in bed watching the news – well blow me – Harriet has done a u-turn. Hurrah!

Harriet has suddenly been converted and announced that the mandatory retirement age is no longer to be compulsory – and I assume she will put it through in the Equality Bill – which is currently in the Lords.

Shame when I brought this forward at Second Reading of the Equality Bill in the Commons she was incapable of agreeing with me then.

As  I said from the front bench to Harriet during the Equality Bill Second Reading on May 11:

“My last point about age discrimination and matters mandatory is that I cannot for the life of me understand why the Government have retained a mandatory retirement age. It seems completely wrong. I am surprised, as it is clearly discriminatory to decide on an arbitrary age as a cut-off. “

As ever – Labour are having to play catch up to the LibDems!

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  1. Harriet Harman, the Minister for Equality, on excluding white candidates when drawing up their shortlists….

    “We should take all the steps we can to increase diversity in Parliament, which must reflect the country in which we live and the public we serve.”

    Which now includes discriminating against those that you think are over-represented on the grounds of race?


  2. Dear Lynne.
    On this we can agree. Throughout the Blair/Brown regime, but particularly during the Brown interregnum, Labour have leached off other parties for rational, workable ideas. The irrational, unworkable ideas they have had all by themselves.

  3. My Goodness Lynne ! Happy New Year too.

    Having followed your trials thoughout the Big Snow, and still being unable to park my car because the “Green” low-profile tyres can’t get a grip on a snow-covered ramp, (Which I’m digging out between postings) Did you know that over the past few years Councils, on advice from Central Government have reduced their holdings of salt by 240,000tons, or 4 days supply? The whole point of an emergancy supply is that it’s there for emergencies. One of the prophecies from the Temples of AGW is that weather will become more extreme as evil mankind destoys Gaia, so what was the rationale behind such a decision?
    Another point. There is considerable confusion as to the legal liability of citizens who get off their backsides and perform a public service by clearing the footways adjacent to their property. Reports of the safety ‘elf advice is that such public-spirited people face legal action, either criminal or civil, if an accident happens. An understandable reluctance on the part of the citizen has led to the overloading of Casualty and doctors’ surgeries dealing with sprains, breaks and minor injuries which, if there was no such chance of legal action, the number of which could well have been lessened.

    Do you think that your constituency would have been a better place to live and work if the situation was less confused and a reasonable compromise reached?
    I’m writing to my own MP about this issue. best Regards (for the time being)

  4. So something sensible and non hateful actually came out of Harman’s mouth?

    is this a world first? Has the world gone mad?

    Actually to be fair Lynne has pointed out this is a U-turn – that does suggest it isn’t really a genuine concern of hers and doesn’t really reflect her real beliefs. So for all those worried about being in agreement with Harman there’s no need to panic. One wonders if she’s going to equalise the age people receive state pensions too rather than waiting men wait five years longer than women?

  5. Dear Lynne. Statistically, Womeen live about 5 years longer than men . In the interests of equality and fairness, shouldn’t men be eligible for official retirement earlier than women?

  6. No Grumpy, the issue there is the total lack of concern about men’s health and the solution is to stop so many men dying, not to let them retire earlier. We have cast disparities in spending between the genders, eg in areas such as sex specific cancers, and men find it so much harder to access and use healthcare easily ( the whole service is essentially female centered)

    Other causes of so much earlier death include a lack of domestic violence services for men, housing issues (the vast majority of the homeless are men and they die during this weather), corporate manslaughter (97% of workplace deaths are men) and suicide (four times more males suicides than females).

    The biggest issue is essentially cultural – i.e. the total lack of respect for men in much of society, where they are considered disposable and the least important members of the community. This gives rise to all of the above.

  7. Lynne, there appears to be some misunderstanding. The govt have said all along that the ‘default’ retirement age would be reviewed by 2011 and abolished if there was no case to keep it. This review has been brought forward. Hurrah indeed. But not a U-turn.