Harriet Harman airbrushing herself into another LibDem campaign

Well Harriet is having a bit of a morning of ‘me too’. I see that she is now keen to join in the Liberal Democrat campaign against airbrushing being used in advertising to produce fake images. Hurrah again!

Come on girl – keep up! You can read the article  here – but no acknowledgement that this is a Liberal Democrat campaign. We don’t mind her jumping on our very excellent campaign – but it would be nice if she acknowledged where she got the idea from!

I first proposed this as a campaign two years ago. Since when, via the LibDem Women’s Policy Group, it became LibDem policy at Conference last year and is now being ably promoted by my colleague, Jo Swinson, MP. Jo has scored an Adjournment Debate tonight in the House – so I expect Harriet wanted to demonstrate, before this debate, that she totally supports our campaign.

You can find out more about our ‘Real Women’ campaign at: www.realwomen.org

0 thoughts on “Harriet Harman airbrushing herself into another LibDem campaign

  1. Come off it – pretty much anything concerning nasty men supposedly opressing females is irrisitable to Harman. She cares about women and no one else and everything is a gender issue to her.

    Serves you right really – if you’d made it a more gender neutral campaign and gave more acknowledgement to the extent that men are affected to than she wouldn’t have gone within a million miles of it.

    Perhaps something for you to consider next time?