Et tu Brute?

Just watched the lunchtime news. I don’t know if Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt know something we don’t know – but on the surface this leadership secret ballot is madness. Cameron makes a dog’s dinner of launching the Tory election campaign and Brown’s erstwhile allies rush to help them out of their self-created mess. Can you imagine what Gordon is saying privately at this moment?

0 thoughts on “Et tu Brute?

  1. Hewitt is one of the most disgraceful people in Parliament.

    She’s got a long history of deceitfulness going right back to 1983 when she wrote to Kinnock stating she fully supported his leadership bid. She wrote of her “devout hope and profound conviction that he would lead the party”and offered to serve as his press secretary.

    She then sent a letter saying exactly the same things to Hattersley, the other contender!

    When Kinnock won she got the job too!