So it begins………..

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to an election we go – and can’t you just tell from the first salvos from Labour against Cameron and Tories against Brown that it’s going to be an edifying few months.

No doubt we LibDems will be above such things – judging from Nick’s pronouncement this morning (continuing a theme from Conference) that we are different to the other two parties. We are. We definitely are. So – let’s hope we remain different. The last thing this country needs is the same bankrupt politics that has held sway for so long. New hope with each new Government – only to find out within a few years that they fall from grace and were just the same in the end as the one before.

Would we be as good as I believe we would be in Government?

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  1. As a strong believer in radical electoral reform I have long been a Lib Dem voter, but I do worry that Lib Dems would be like any other party in power.

    What Britain needs is politicians who do the right thing for the people. We haven’t had one of those in a key position in power for a very long time. Thatcher and Blair were great states(wo)men, strong leaders and great PMs because they stuck to their guns. If only they had stuck to their guns on polilcies that mattered to the electorate instead of policies that fulfilled their own ambitions.

    British voters are disenfranchised. We have a PM who was not elected as leader of the party, not elected as PM and who is so weak and ineffectual that he’s done far more harm to Britain than the last three PMs put together. Again, he is a strong leader who is practically a dictator in Parliament.

    What we need is politicians who are strong for the right reasons – for standing up for what needs to be done in the country – not just strong in defending their party position.

    It’s time politicians stopped worrying what their party opponents will say about them and start representing the people who elected them.

  2. The only reason the Lid Dems would seem good is because the other parties as so poor, especially Labour.

    Yes there are some very good Lib Dem politicians and yes the polices are generally significantly better but that’s not saying a great deal is it? A child come up with better policies than today’s Labour party as this blog has shown.

    Even in opposition I still don’t quite see the level of honesty and integrity we need from the Lib Dems, nor enough focus on the biggest issues that really matter. Just like other parties some Lib Dems seem to have their own stupid pet issues and they fail to focus on what’s important. I really just don’t see enough Lib Dems speaking out and really challenging some of the very worst Labour policies and exposing their agenda and hypocrisy.

    Yes they’d be a very decent improvement, but it wouldn’t be all that special. On top of that the country really is in a terrible mess – I can see the Lib Dems making inroads on a good few issues, but some of the problems are just so big they’d take multiple terms to tackle even if we had the very best people in charge.