0 thoughts on “What will be the big political issues for 2010?

  1. Reform.. Reform.. Reform. Current democracy in many democratic countries is out of date. With the social net revolution, Democracy 2.0 will be formed.

  2. I think revelations about what this government really has been up to and the true scale of our current problems will be an issue.

    Something else that needs to be an issue is that of genuine equality and justice for everyone in society. Not just for ethnic groups, or women, or based on religion, but equality for unfashionable causes and marginalised members of society who’s problems are currently ignored and even belittled. In particular non-custodial parents and their children, those falsely accused of crimes (especially sex crimes), and male and child domestic violence victims.

    I think these are potentially all strong issues for the Lib Dems, particularly in terms of competing with Labour who have such an horrific track record on them all.

    I also hope we get a fuller examination of the MPs (and Peers) involved in the expenses scandal and begin to distinguish between those who are a bit dodgy, and/or have claimed for unusual items, and those who are truly despicable bastards. It really pains me to see some of the very worst offenders who’ve committed numerous other indiscretions ON TOP of expenses fraud, but still haven’t had the decency to step down or in some cases even apologise!