Expecting too much?

The spirit of good will clearly did not extend to the man (or woman) who nicked my postie’s Christmas card and tip. I know – you are all going to say how naive I am to expect people to be honest – but I still do.

What happened? Hadn’t managed to catch my lovely postie, so a few days before Christmas I put his card and Christmas ‘thank you’  in an envelope and left it outside my front door for him to pick up when he brought the post. My door is completely screened from the street and my garden is between the front high hedges at the roadside and my front door – and you cannot see in. Only somone coming right to my door would have seen the envelope.

My daughter ran into my postie the day before Christmas and asked if he’d gotten the card etc – and he said no. I probably shouldn’t be surprised that someone other than my postie took the envelope – but I am. Most people would just say that I was naive and how stupid it was to leave it outside. Of course someone would nick it.

So – the point of writing this post is about the demise of conscience – of feeling bad if you do something wrong. Where has that gone? People know right from wrong – so what is it that makes the difference in terms of what people will or won’t do?

And in that lies an answer – it’s behaviour that really makes the difference. That’s the challenge of the next era – how to create a world where you can put your postie’s Christmas card outside and only the postie (and the regular postie) would dream of taking it.

Or is there mitigation – ie poverty, the widening divide between rich and poor or the recession – or is this never ‘acceptable’. I know my view – but what is yours?