Big mouth!

Was surprised and delighted by article and editorial in Ham & High this week. Apparently I have been mentioned in Hansard 2559 times since being elected. Hansard records when each MP speaks and what they say.

The figures revealed that I had spoken up more times than other local MPs, including Frank Dobson (2508), Rudy Vis (219) and Glenda Jackson  (40).

You can’t judge MPs solely on how many times they speak in Parliament. However, speaking up is important –as is gets the Government on the record and embarrasses them publicly. But writing to Ministers, meetings with Ministers, Parliamentary Questions and of course – constituency work – are also really important.

It’s interesting though, because I mainly blog about local campaigns and issues, when I had my website redesigned as you can see from the Home Page – Hansard is one of the streams that comes into what is called my ‘lifestream’ for exactly the reason that I felt local people didn’t always get to see what I did at Parliament.

Anyway – I didn’t know I had such a big mouth. But it was a lovely editorial by the Ham & High which said among other things:

‘Voters who were impressed by her energy levels and who enabled her to overturn a large Labour majority will therefore be very glad to learn that she has continued in the same vein. That is born out by the fact that in addition to the number of times she is seen in the constituency, Ms Featherstone has been extremely busy in the Commons according to the official record provided by Hansard.’

And yes – I know this is a bit self-congratulatory – but hey – it’s really nice!

0 thoughts on “Big mouth!

  1. Well done Lynne! You have a very impressive track-record and we definitely need more people like you! Keep it up! I like your blog title ‘Big Mouth’ – keep on being a ‘big mouth’ on behalf of your constituents and our Party!

    ‘All it needs for evil to succeed is for good people to do (and say) nothing’!

    If it needs to be said, say it! If it needs to be done, do it!

    Go Lynne, go!