Equality Bill – Report Stage and 3rd Reading

Today the Equality Bill returns to the floor of the Commons on which I lead for the Liberal Democrats. Report stage brings back key issues that didn’t get voted on at Committee Stage and also gives an opportunity for the whole of the House to table amendments to the Bill.

Sadly – the Government organises business in that it is quite clear from the order of the amendments and New Clauses chosen that the Government does not want the issue of equal pay to get an airing. It has been moved down the list to the point where, in the derisory few hours the Government has allowed for this debate, it won’t be reached and will simply fall – as will most of the issues that the Government wants to avoid.

So much for any real change in the way politics is done!

0 thoughts on “Equality Bill – Report Stage and 3rd Reading

  1. It seems that the Conservatives don’t want equal pay aired, either, judging by the pointless and repetitive opening speech by their front-bench spokesman.

    I note that the Speaker’s sympathies were clearly with you and Evan Harris when the latter raised the subject of the lack of time for debate on a point of order.

  2. Even I’d much rather they introduce all this pointless equal pay nonsense rather than legalising sexism and racism as seem to be their priority.

    Even if they got the wording “correct” the laws would undoubtedly be abused and result in significant discrimination, yet they’re leaving things so open ended that it’s going to cause even more problems then many feared.

    Instead of insisting candidates are “equally” qualified for the role they want them to be “as” qualified. – i.e. women or ethnic minorities only have to meet the bare minimum standard and can be chosen ahead of a brilliant white male (and yes the reverse would apply in a primary school and that too would be equally shamefull if not more so due to the damage caused to chidlren’s education). We need more GOOD male teachers, I certainly don’t want crap male teachers who aren’t there on merit any more than I want crap professors or crap MPs.

    Shame Lynne isn’t worried about legalising racism and sexism in the workplace and instead just carries on with to her obsession to achieve equal pay for different work.

  3. Lynne, what implications does the lack of debate here have for the amendments supporting all trans people regardless of SRS status or intention?

  4. Well – I tabled amendments again for Report Stage to change ‘gender reassignment’ to ‘gender identity’ but they were not selected. I also fear, because time is not short for the Bill to complete its passage before the election – that the Lords Committee Stage will not go beyond five days – and therefore they will not be tabling many amendments. I will have a handover with my LibDem Lords colleagues on the Bill and try to persuade them to table this and caste discrimination – but am not overly optimistic.