Concern at lack of funding for Children’s Centre

Families in Fortis Green have been short-changed by Haringey Council, local Liberal Democrats have said, after it has emerged that Haringey Council will only provide £5,000 to fund a new Children’s Centre in the ward.

Whilst the announcement of further funding for children’s centres in Haringey was welcomed, local councillors have criticised Haringey Council for failing to provide universal cover for families, despite the need and deprivation in the area.

Similar phase three spending on children’s centres includes £495,500 for Highgate, £300,000 for Crouch End, £85,000 for Stroud Green and £150,000 for West Green.

Cllr Martin Newton (Fortis Green) comments:

“Despite being the only ward in the borough not to have a Children’s Centre, Haringey Council has once again overlooked the families of Fortis Green. Five thousand is a pitiful amount to provide a key service for local residents.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“This is a bitter blow to Fortis Green. It has taken Haringey Council years to wake up to the fact that there is a need and now, this low-level of funding is almost derisory. Labour needs to end the East/West divide and wake up the real need to fight deprivation across the entire borough.”