Queen's Speech

The Government is proposing as one of its key pieces of legislation in the Queen’s Speech to bring forward a Bill to impose a new legal duty on the government to eradicate child poverty by 2020.

Noble in aspiration maybe – but it makes a mockery of serious government. Laws are not about warm words – or shouldn’t be. This Labour government has so devalued both legislation and this legislature. The Queen’s Speech was full of it.

I felt so frustrated listening to Gordon Brown producing the same old tired lines. There is no life left in this Government – too much of their energy has gone on politicking and too little on the good stuff. If they had concentrated over their twelve years on making things work – rather than bravura statements that achieved nothing  – perhaps it might have ended differently.

Today just sounded like an obituary.

0 thoughts on “Queen's Speech

  1. Still I have no idea what spooked TB at the end of 2004 – he had commissioned people to develop new methods of working in the public sector, and then funked it.

  2. I have written to Gordon Brown’s guys twice about legal affairs and had 2 full replies. You want life? Here is life, in the song “Gordon Brown be my Angel”, but there’s so much life in this song that I advise you not to drive a car, eat, or have a cup of coffee beside you when you listen to it. Admittedly, this life is not from within the government.

    I certainly desperately need the Head of the Commons and the whole of the Commons to DO THE GOOD STUFF as one of the violated women that the U.K. has seen in the past 124 years, to protect citizens from criminal harm significantly better in the next 124 years than in the previous 124 years.

    “Gordon Brown be my Angel”

    Brahms Lullaby

    Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
    Will you be my angel?
    Guardian angel is what I meant
    Will you rescue my soul?

    For you are in charge
    Of these people I wrote to
    Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
    Let me place my trust in you

    Gordon Brown! MP’s!
    Let me sing out loud
    For what you do, for my country
    For my reproductive system

    You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
    I am desperate for you
    Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
    I’m a violated woman

    Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
    Help me sleep like a baby
    Will my babies ever come out?
    Maternal desires!
    I lost my womanhood
    In a sinister curse
    Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
    You are perfect for that!

    My real name is at various MPs’ offices and at number 10.