Stonewall awards, Gok Wan and me……..

gok smallWell – as predicted – I failed to win Politician of the Year at the Stonewall Awards last night. Ben Bradshaw (Labour Minister) won the accolade as the first openly gay Minister. I think, judging from the blurb in the program – that I was nominated because of my work both on the Equality Bill and my campaign to end the blanket ban on gay men giving blood donations. (It should be about behaviour – not discriminating against one group. A monogomous gay man is a lot safer than a rampant heterosexual).

Anyway – I don’t do many of these glittery evenings – but I have to say Stonewall threw a good party (sponsored by Barclays). You would not have known that there was a recession outside of the V & A. In the most beautiful of surroundings the champagne flowed, the stars were out in force and the canapes and the bowl food was of the highest order.

The awards themselves were hosted by Gok Wan, fashion guru, who I adore actually. And they were the point of the evening and both nominees and winners are people who have genuinely moved the agenda forward, been brave, stood up and contributed to the improvement in all walks of life for the gay community.

And – of course – for those who don’t know – I have been on ‘How to Look Good Naked’ a couple of times – thankfully (for all watching) with my clothes on – as I am joint campaigning with them to give girls ‘body confidence’ a fight back against the pressure of stick thin images and the loss of self confidence and self hate that is a consequence.

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  1. Both the causes you fight are well appreciated Lynne. My doctor actually would love for me to be able to donate my blood. Maybe soon if this review comes to some scientific based analysis of the present situation and the current blink and you miss it window of HIV infection to detection.

    Also was quite pleased to see the Rev. Scott Rennie win at the Hero of the year award. Although I’m sure he will say he wasn’t so much a hero just trying to do a job of work in the calling he had received.

  2. Give the vast number of HIV cases in the gay community relative the rest of the UK population there is clearly need for a great deal of caution here. There’s certainly no real reason for excluding homosexuals who were only sexually active say 30 years ago though.

    As for “blanket bans” targeting one group, well we already have that for plenty of other groups. For example, there are blanket bans on sexually active people from certain parts of Africa etc, so it’s not as if gay men are especially being singled out.

  3. I am also a fervent fan of Gok Wan and what he has done for women in recognising and accepting their own body images. I particularly enjoyed his programme last week for older ladies and his transformation of them.

    Full marks to Lynne & Gok (together with ‘How to Look Good Naked’) in campaigning against the ‘thin is beautiful’ brigade which sends out the wrong messages about body image to young women. I am a great-grannie who is a wheelchair-user – I used to be 7st 10lb in my young days before having children and re-gained that weight & size in my fifties. I am now in my late sixties, 10st 7lb and always try to look my best on a small budget. I think the message is now getting through slowly about not being a ‘stick insect’ in the world of fashion.

    I hope that Lynne and Gok will keep up the pressure about media image to save many young women from being anorexic which can be a consequence of the skinny culture.