Fair funding for Haringey Schools

Well – finally – on the record – the gross unfairness of the way the Government funds schooling in Haringey. Just briefly – we get about £1183 less per child than neighbouring boroughs like Camden, Hackney and Islington. That is around £35 million a year – or more importantly – if we got fair funding we could have 1021 more teachers (we have 1500) that is 15 per school. Imagine the difference that would make.

You can watch the debate at http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=4948  it starts about two thirds in if you scroll along.

I was so pleased that local school governors, parents, Haringey NUT and the Schools Forum came to actually watch the debate in Parliament. We were also the lead story on BBC London – which is great – because all of this is about not letting the Government sideline Haringey in the current Review of our Dedicated Schools Grant. They ignored the unfairness last time and in fact increased the problem – widening the gap.

Needless to say the Minister refused to give us a categoric assurance that the funding gap would be closed post review, refused our request for a Haringey Representative on the Funding Review Panel, refused to give us emergency funding until the gap is closed. However, she did concede the case that we made and assured us that our voices had been heard.

So – whist fair funding is still a way away – the key thing is – they can’t possibly claim they don’t know how badly Haringey is being affected by this funding unfairness – and they will look extremely bad if they don’t rectify matters.

The Schools Minister has agreed to a meeting with me in a couple of weeks time – so I can take up all the questions in my speech that were left unanswered and push further on the ones that were!

0 thoughts on “Fair funding for Haringey Schools

  1. Glad that this annomally is getting sorted out. Good work.

    (The direct link to the parliament.uk site doesn’t work for me.)


  2. This funding gap is totally immoral. It has a huge impact on schools in Haringey and is just not good enough. Don’t tell me that the government couldn’t find the money – it is a drop in the ocean for them in the grand scheme of things. Please keep pushing them, Lynne, as it really matters. Haringey is a borough on the frontline of the gap between rich and poor, and even a rich school would struggle to cope with a £1183 deficit per child. Not only is it not fair, it is downright dangerous for the government to ignore Greater London boroughs such as Haringey. We are not far off a situation like Paris, where the suburbs are so underprivileged that they erupt into violence and people are afraid to go there. Is that what we want for British Society? No. So sort it out.

    PS I wrote to Ed Balls about this and got a letter basically fobbing me off.