Nick Clegg came to dinner

You lot certainly have a good sense of humour. Yesterday morning I ‘tweeted’ that I was frantically tidying up the house ‘because Nick Clegg was coming in the evening to be my Guest of Honour at my annual Backers’ Dinner. What to do with the dog……?’

And your suggestions were:

– slow-roast it
– don’t have a dog’s dinner
– sit him next to Nick of course!
– Speak to him nicely. The dog of course…..
– Dog-sitting available
– 1 1/2 hours gas mark 5, pop a few onions and potatoes around and serve with gravy

Thanks for that. The dog tasted great!

It was, if I say so myself, one of the best Backers’ Dinners ever. Nick was on top form and extremely feisty –which is just as well as my ‘backers’ are an argumentative lot and not ones to hold back.

Needless to say, have since spent today frantically tidying up and cleaning again! Obviously I would have taken the dog for a walk but…………..

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  2. While you were having dinner with today’s leader, anoraks like me were watching a fascinating 50 year old interview with former leader Jo Grimond – which I thought raised at least 3 questions worth thinking about:

  3. As rain is keeping me out of the garden, the Grimond interview has inspired another blog post with some more questions that might be of interest to your readers ‘An important but elusive asset for British political party leaders’

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