Come on Girlguiding UK

I was just listening to the radio – Nick Ferrari – to be precise. Bridget Stevenson, Brown Owl leader in Hammersmith to 24 brownies is being forced to retire (after 20 years) having reached Girlguiding UK’s mandatory retirement age of 65.

Given that Girlguiding UK says this policy is under review – and having listened to Bridget (who skis, plays tennis and is much loved by the girls) surely this is an opportunity for Girlguiding UK to use common sense and suspend their policy pending the outcome of that review.

It is so hard to find enough good people to volunteer for guides, brownies, scouts, cubs whatever – when you have someone this good and this popular – and the threat of closure of the group if another leader can’t be found – surely this is a time for Girlguiding UK to lead by example and banish ageism.

0 thoughts on “Come on Girlguiding UK

  1. Encountered a scoutmaster yesterday, who told me that he had not realised that the Guides had not lifted the age restriction (the scouts have).

  2. Re: Brownie volunteers and age limit of 65!
    Please visit the site, maybe you can join the cause. I have an aunt, who after 40 years, will be forced to retire next year! it’s just crazy!