Cameron on (or off) Europe?

I just watched Cameron on Andy Marr. It’s just the same old same old. First thing he said was that he (and the Tories) were going to be straight talking. (Bit of a cheek as that is one of our three top lines). But worse – he then proceeded to be anything but straight over the Tory position on Europe and the referendum.

If the Lisbon Treaty gets ratified by the remaining countries before the next General Election – what will the Conservatives then do? Perfectly fair question – but one that he doesn’t want to answer. Cameron simply failed – each time Marr asked him – to give a straight answer.

Straight talking? Didn’t come over that way – snake oil salesman as ever.

And yes – the LibDem position is still that we would offer the country a yes/no vote to being in or out of the EU. None of this messing around with the Lisbon Treaty – and go straight to the heart of the euro-sceptics arguments. Defeat them once and for all – and then perhaps they will understand that our future is tied up with Europe – like it or hate it.

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  1. Very interesting and helpful discussion at Ian P-J’s site. Not just his view, but also a well argued alternative view.