Royal Mail delivery issues in Crouch End

Outside of the current industrial action on post – I have recently been raising issues around delivery problems with the Royal Mail, following a piece of casework from a resident of Crouch End.

This issue is about receiving notification of a parcel delivery – i.e. a card through the door saying ‘you were out when we called’ – when in fact the resident was inside the house. The Royal Mail response to me on this is that these cards are a last resort in the delivery process and that my constituent should in turn appreciate that the incentive is to find someone in – so that they deliver as many parcels as possible, making their load lighter and reducing paper work.

I have come down from upstairs on occasion to find a delivery notice through my letterbox and wanted to scream. So – maybe I am deaf – or maybe the post person only gave one ring. Who knows? But given that we would all be happier if this could be solved or improved the next bit of their response is a bit better.

The Delivery Officer says: “Obviously I am keen to ensure that procedures are being followed and have re-trained and counselled the Delivery Staff on this very important procedure”.

So – that’s a good move forward on this – but one to keep an eye on. Do let me know your own experiences from now on (preferably with details of time, place etc.), whether in Crouch End or elsewhere.

(My constituent just left a message on my answerphone without a name or number – so if he or she is reading this can they also let me know their details as Guy Onions, the Delivery Office Manager has said he is happy to discuss this matter directly with my constituent to “ensure that it is satisfactorily resolved” and asks that they contact him at their earliest convenience and gives a direct phone number. So if you get in touch with me – I can give you the number.)

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  1. In the past few weeks I’ve noticed that about 1 in 3 of my weekly subscriptions are simply not being delivered. These are simple envelopes which can be posted through the door.

    Regarding delivery cards: My problem is not just that the cards are posted without an actual delivery attempt – often the cards are themselves illegible rendering any attempt to trace the parcel impossible.