Concern at Anjem Choudary's appearance in Noel Park

Noel Park councillor Fiyaz Mughal has demanded answers from Haringey Council after he discovered extremist Anjem Choudary, who previously led the banned Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun, holding a public road-show in Wood Green last weekend.

Cllr Mughal, himself a Muslim, seized the opportunity to openly debate with Mr Choudhary, who was being followed by a Danish camera crew. Cllr Mughal highlighted that the inclusive nature of Islam should respect and protect the rights and beliefs of Christians and Jews, and challenged Choudhary’s view that Muslims should not follow the laws of the UK.

Cllr Fiyaz Mughal (Noel Park) comments:

“Anjem Choudary is solely interested in promoting a simplistic and twisted version of Islam that is offensive to me as a Muslim.

“The messages of this extremist are contrary to any idea of tolerance and he was promoting the failed theory of a ‘clash of civilisations’, a term which should be consigned to the scrapheap just like the Blair & Bush phrase ‘the war on terror’.

“Islam, for me, is based on tolerance, respect for diversity and the laws of the land. These are values which promote the cohesion of communities like those within Noel Park and they need to be protected.

“I was surprised and shocked to see this individual in Noel Park. I will be writing to Cllr Nilgun Canver and the Labour Council to ask them why Noel Park councillors were not informed that he was here and would be carrying out public events.”

Cllr John Oakes (Bounds Green) added:

“Anjem Choudary’s twisted views of Islam are potentially a dagger pointed at the heart of British society, particularly in areas like Haringey.

“The President of the Wightman Road mosque reminds me that Choudary’s predecessor Omar Bakri Fostock was first banned from peddling his violent creed and then deported because of his anti-Semitic views.

“Successful community leaders like Liberal Democrat Cllr Mughal know that Choudary has to be challenged openly with logic, truth and goodwill.

“We must make sure that all law-abiding faiths and cultures are respected and that our local and foreign policies reflect this.”