Bloody ridiculous!

So children’s authors have decided that they may boycott going into schools because some jobsworth has decided they may be a risk to children and will henceforth have to register.

The authors believe (and so do I) that those who would harm little children are hardly likely to do it in front of 30-100 children with numerous teachers in the hall or room when they have gone into the school to read from their latest book for an hour.

There have been many mad politically over-correct requirements in recent years – but this takes the biscuit. For goodness sake let the good guys carry on – target the bad guys!

You know all doctors have to jump through endless beaurocratic hoops – because Harold Shipman was a murderer. He was a bad guy -now the good guys have to spend zillions of hours in pointless box ticking.

All the good guys who arive a minute late back to a car parked lawfully on a meter – get a ticket and pay it. it’s the bad guys on a zigzag with no insurance who get away with it!

If you want to volunteer for an hour to help out some local group – it will take months to get approval. The good guys are giving up – but the paedophiles will jump through the necessary hoops.

If we had to have ID cards (hopefully not – bloody useless) the good guys would carry them and the criminals would get fakes – no prob.

So let our lovely children’s authors go into schools! Freedom from state tyranny I say!

0 thoughts on “Bloody ridiculous!

  1. Lynne, how exactly do you suggest we distinguish between the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'? They don't all wear dirty trenchcoats and leer, you know. This attitude betrays a really dangerous lack of understanding about how child abuse happens and how the risk can be reduced.