Speaker spoke to me

Well – it was such an exciting day yesterday. It’s hard to explain – but the potential for change was thick in the air.

Just before the announcement of the result – as John Bercow was standing talking to me – I did suggest that it would be symbolic if he refused the pantomime tradition of having to be ‘dragged’ to the Speaker’s Chair. John said that the really important stuff was management of business, fairness etc – but I said I thought symbolism was quite important too, and if the very first thing he had done would have been to depart from tradition – that would have sent a signal.

I bet he would have done it too – if I hadn’t suggested it literally a minute before the announcement – as he seems to me to be serious about change. I look forward to what comes next!

Cometh the hour …. we shall see. Even in my short time in Parliament I have seen people desperate for one role or another – and when they have got it, they have found their dreams turned to dust because they couldn’t deliver. Ming Campbell found leadership was not the same as revered Foreign Affairs spokesperson. Gordon Brown – brooder for a decade – must wonder why and how it could all go so wrong.

So – hello Speaker Bercow. I wish you well – and like all jobs at this level – it’s what you make of it! Good luck.

0 thoughts on “Speaker spoke to me

  1. Completely unfair comment about Ming- he is and will always remain a man of leadership, of principle and of integrity- and it is completely unfair for you to say he failed as Leader. It was the media and opportunistic members of the party who went after him, like a pack of sharks.Disgraceful treatment of a good man.