Don't believe everything you read in the Guardian!

Well – just shows the Guardian makes wrong assumptions. I see they have me down for being very modest in not claiming the £400 per month that MPs are ‘allowed’ to claim for food and says that I claimed a very modest five quid for a pasta bake or something. I have news for the Guardian – I have never claimed a penny for food – ever – from Parliament. All the food receipts are for my interns who get travel and lunch expenses. So – don’t believe everything you read in the Guardian!

0 thoughts on “Don't believe everything you read in the Guardian!

  1. How is the Guardian suppose to know that? How are we, your constituents suppose to know that when your expenses are published with acres and acres of information blanked out? of course people are going to make assumptions and you have only yourself to blame for not letting more information get though to inform the public correctly.

  2. Actually – it was a nice piece in the Guardian saying how modest I was and how I presented receipts for everything where many didn't. But as it wasn't a personal claim from me decided to blog the actual situation. But the point you make is a good one – because now it is on the web – how will interested constituents know that those food receipts are part of the interns expenses – who receive travel and lunch. In terms of the blacked out stuff – totally agree. The only legitimate blackout in my view is the personal details about staff and their bank account details. I made no request for blacking out whatsoever except for two places where the name of one of my staff accidentally had been left in. And what really annoys me is that once again the House Authorities have stuffed up by their seeming inability to realise the world has changed.The Ham & High came to look at the full details on the web in my office a while back where only personal details were blacked out. We also invited other local newspapers to do same.I think that all MPs should be audited and that audit published so local people can see whether their MP is good or bad and then make their own judgement at the election when Gordon finally calls it

  3. Don’t believe everything you read in the guardian? DON’T necessarily believe everything stated in your early day motions!

    You claimed that the first female councillor in England was elected on Dec 12th 1907 in your consituancy, that information is totally incorrect and yet you mention this in parliament. Are you now in a position to confirm that Reina Lawrence was only the first female councillor in London and not the first female councillor in England?

  4. Ok, but I thought the list of women in power was only released in the last month or so? Thanks for replying Lynne, now I know that you got the information from Harriet Harman’s department & not the press office at Camden i’ll rattle their cage!