Unimpressed with the Labour campaign

Well – a constituent have just emailed me about the Labour leaflet they’ve just received. His remark was: ‘This leaflet arrived and is pathetic and quite frankly offensive. Do the Labour party take voters for numpties? Clearly they do!’

0 thoughts on “Unimpressed with the Labour campaign

  1. My favourite thing about the Labour leaflet I got just before the European Election campaign started in earnest was that they seemed to be claiming that the anti lap-dancing club campaign was somehow a triumph of Labour grass-roots activisim

  2. Well – it wasn’t! It was local residents in Crouch End who were the real leaders of this campaign. Local LibDem councillor Dave Winskill worked closely with them – and I helped all I could with publicity and the Parliamentary end!

  3. In my Lib Dem run Council (minority administration), Labour have just sent me a leaflet in which they have shamefully copied out some LD aspirational policy ideas (aspirational only because we cannot yet get enough LAs nearby to agree on setting up an Integrated Transport Authority and the ideas cannot become real policy until that happens). When the new local democracy bill was introduced, I heard the Minister quoted as saying that putting the new ideas together with ITAs would make it all happen, and I think that it was LDs that said that its all too complicated – how right.