Lap-dancing update

Grabbed the opportunity of the Policing Bill – which proposes changing the rules around lap-dancing – to extract a promise. The new legislation, when passed, will make lap dancing clubs have to apply for license as a sex encounter establishment. Currently they only need the same license as a pub.

Part of the concern in Crouch End, outside of just the application (now on hold) for such a club at the Music Palace, was that an application would be rushed through and get granted before the new legislation – and then the legislation would allow all existing lap dancing clubs automatic new licenses – called ‘grandfather rights’.

So – up I leapt during the week – and intervened on the Minister to point out how dreadful this would be. And happily, on the floor of the House of Commons, I extracted the promise that last minute applications for lap dancing clubs will not escape new licensing laws.


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  1. Why are these comments enabled? I put comments on my MPs site and they were not allowed until I gave my postal address. When I enquired I was told: “However parliamentary rules require that you provide your postal address before your email can be further processed.”

  2. Oldrightie – thanks, changed.Anonymous – happy for people from outside my constituency to comment. There are rules about casework though – generally MPs only take up cases in their own constituency. So sometimes an MP asks for someone’s postal address to check whether or not they are a constituent.

  3. “last minute applications for lap dancing clubs will not escape new licensing laws”I am unclear. Are you saying that, even though the licence is granted before the legislation is changed, the revised law will apply? Or are you saying that in future the establishments will have to renew their licences under the new regime?Last-minute application or no, there is no excuse for retrospective legislation. And all those whose licences are granted before the change should be treated the same in future.