Reaction on the doorsteps to the expenses scandals

Knocking on doors in Crouch End yesterday was generally friendly – but it is quite clear that people are upset and angry with politicians who cheat and/or milk the system. There is also deep concern about the future of our democracy as people feel that they have been betrayed and don’t know where to turn and who to trust. And quite frankly – I feel the same – and don’t even know how to reassure them.

Only using this ‘opportunity’ for radical change and reform stands even a chance of restoring any trust or respect – in a decade’s time if we are lucky.

That is why it is crucial that the Speaker goes. It is crucial that those MPs who have evaded tax or committed fraud should face the consequences of their actions – and for any other MPs if the Standards Committee finds them at fault – then deselection. The rest who have transgressed should face their electorate.

And the sooner we have an election the better!

0 thoughts on “Reaction on the doorsteps to the expenses scandals

  1. Yes, I noticed some negativity at the weekend when I was canvassing. Some people explicitly told me they were not going to vote because of the MPs expenses scandal, even though I was actually canvassing for the local elections. They weren’t interested in that or what party I was from.”They are all at it” was a comment I heard more than once.

  2. The reason you did not claim a second allowance Ms Featherstone was because you are already a millionaire- why not mention that in your correspondence with constituents?