Great Ormond Street and the death of Baby P

I blogged earlier about how the spotlight – rightly – is turning on Great Ormond Street and its role in the death of Baby P. As I mentioned, Andrew Gilligan has written a big piece on the story – and here’s the link to it which I didn’t have when blogging earlier.

0 thoughts on “Great Ormond Street and the death of Baby P

  1. What can be said? It gets worse with each new revelation. It also becomes more evident that, given the level of chaos and institutional indifference, there are many more Baby Ps out there. What lies behind catastrophic failure is rarely just a one off. It may result in a one off catastrophe but what suffering is endured short of death as a result of all the factors that ultimately go toward making a catastrophic failure?

  2. Even one more Baby Peter is too much. We need to make public everything about this case and hope that helps this to never happen to another child. But I really think this will happen again. Children are our most vulnerable victims and if the people closest to them don’t protect them, who will