YouTube – what's your verdict?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with doing YouTube films – partly driven by necessity (broken hand makes talking to camera much easier than typing!).

If you’ve not seen the films previously, you can see them on YouTube here. So the question now is – should I carry on with them?

I’ve been surprised at the viewership patterns. With blog posts, most of the traffic usually comes shortly after the post has gone up. With the films, the traffic is more slow and steady. There hasn’t been that much of an initial burst, perhaps because people see a blog post or tweet about them whilst at work and don’t have speakers – or have speakers but don’t want the office to hear and don’t have headphones with them. However, the views carry on steadily moving up.

Given how very local the content of some of them has been (e.g. about the service at Muswell Hill Post Office), I wouldn’t expect that large an audience in the end anyway. So – viewership figures promising, particularly if they continue to grow and an audience gets established.

Anecdotal feedback from people has been positive too, though comments and ratings on YouTube itself though have been very thin on the ground.

If you are interested in the technical details, it’s all been filmed on a Canon Ixus 70, using the inbuilt microphone and with minimal editing via Windows Movie Maker. In other words – pretty basic equipment but it seems to do the job with only one or two technical hitches. The built-in mike isn’t great in noisy locations, but the traffic noise in my Westbury Avenue film actually probably added to the point about the dangers from speeding traffic.

Anyway, those are my views on the films so far. What are yours?

0 thoughts on “YouTube – what's your verdict?

  1. I browse at work so blog postings I can read. think the boss would get a bit annoyed if I started youtubing.rgds Rob.

  2. Lynne,I think its wonderful watching you on video- it shows you at your best!Please keep it up! V.Talbot

  3. It would be nice if you could add subtitles so that deaf people can access your videos. That is straightforward to do.Afterall, there are quite a few deaf people who live in the Wood Green area. (I myself am not a consituent of yours but have an interest as I believe you should lead the party after Clegg)

  4. LynneYou are a star. Thanks SO MUCH for starting to raise this publicly. I have live very near this blackspot and have walked past it on my way to and from the tube every morning and evening for the last 5 years and thought SO MANY TIMES that the speed should be reduced to 20 miles an hour as it is so dangerous. Some of the main speeding culprits are actually numerous police cars speeding between Hornsey and Tottenham police stations. Their speeding in my opinion then encourages other cars to speed. Both the police and other drivers must be made to realise that it’s very dangerous and if they don’t slow down they’re going to end up maiming or killing someone. Thanks again for being Haringey’s best MP – I actually live in the neighbouring constituency but you’re the only one who does any campaigning on behalf of our borough – keep up the fantastic work!