Owners of disused building told to clear up their act by Liberal Democrats

The owners of a disused building in Hornsey will be forced to clear rubbish from their land after a successful six-month campaign by local Liberal Democrats. Cleopatra House, in Boynton Road, Hornsey, was abandoned last year when a business collapsed. The owners left the building in a poor state and rubbish in the surrounding area.

Local councillor Errol Reid contacted Haringey Council to pursue the owners to clear up and Haringey Council has now confirmed that legal action will be taken.

Cllr Errol Reid, Hornsey ward, comments:

“Cleopatra House was abandoned by its owners last year. They left it in an awful state with piles of rubbish outside. It has taken a while to track down them down but now after our successful campaign the Council will take legal action so they will have to clear up their mess. It is important for the residents in the local area that their community is clean and I will continue to fight for them.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“Local residents deserve to have a clean community and Haringey Council should take a more proactive role in ensuring that these problems do not get any worse.”