Haringey's lies exposed!

So – Haringey Council knew that Baby P’s mother had a boyfriend – in fact they had a video of her talking about him. And there was a record in the case notes. And yet when asked during the furore of the first trial – as ever – they denied that they knew that he was living there . Just when we think this horrific tragedy will have bottomed out – and there surely can’t be any more shocking revelations of Haringey’s incompetence and lies – we find out there are.

Panorama revealed the existence of this video interview with Baby Peter’s mother last night – a video made by a senior social worker.

Yet another reason why we still need a public inquiry. So far, the spotlight has more or less remained on the Children’s Services department at Haringey – but given how much is still surfacing – just imagine what lies beneath in terms of how Haringey is working (or not working).

There has been no real examination of the gagging clauses that prohibit staff who leave from speaking about their former department. There has been no examination of Haringey’s arrogance in its failure to listen to whistle blowers, the family or opposition politicians – all who raised real concerns about child protection in Haringey. There has been no examination of the budgetary issues that gave rise to a reported memo instructing the department not to take more children into care. There has been scant attention to Ofsted finding Haringey ‘good’ when it wanted to make them look good – and then ‘bad’ when heads had to roll. (Panorama did at least touch on this – possibly because when I did an extensive background briefing for them I emphasised the lack of scrutiny of their role). The health team has thus far got off virtually unscathed – with its management bullying unquestioned – even though there was a locum doctor who failed to recognise a broken back and ribs. Why was there a locum? Why had all the paediatrician’s left in the previous two years? And so o and so on………

Without a public inquiry – much of what went wrong will stay wrong. Moreover – allowed to fester under the radar – the culture which was the rotten bottom of what goes on at Haringey will remain.

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  1. Panorama said “Baby Peter”, along with a statement that we can now legally say that. Anyway, we knew that from the blogosphere.Panorama also included a very revealing moment about the way in which Ed Balls operates his portfolio. Asked why nothing had been done about the shameful way in which social service depts overwork their staff, when a great deal has been done to improve the lot of teachers and the quality of their work, his answer was basically that teachers are organised to lobby, while social workers are not. To give him his due, he has responded quickly, with an announcement this morning of a support programme for the sector, but nevertheless we cannot escape the conclusion that Ministers respond to lobbying rather than positively ensuring that all topics in their portfolio are properly managed. This also washes back into Whitehall, where public servants should be ensuring quality of work and fairness of working environments for all of the areas that they oversee.

  2. Haringey Labour are a disgrace the have let everbody down.This shameless Labour Mob who’s MP’s have demonstrated by their actions on expenses the type of people they are.The coming Local Election next year will demonstrate the kind of selfish self centred individuals .Labour will dip into their Election slush fund which they to shower on Politically vulerable wards when the Election is called ,as residents we are conned into thiking what a wonderful job they are doing.This money would be better spent in getting more social workers of a higher standard.Shame on you Labour you have blood on your hands.Well done Lyne and your Libs we will support you and whoever else that is willing to stand up to this mob.

  3. Panorama was a very revealing documentary. Taking the viewer through the torture chamber termed a home where the child suffered and died was a very moving experience. The Nazis needed barbed wire to aid the torturers in their pay and to keep the tortured in. Here there was nothing – plenty of access for public bodies to the house if need be and yet they did absolutely nothing to save him.