Iraqi interpreters – Government set to end help

I’ve blogged a few times about the fantastic campaigning done by Dan Hardie and others to highlight the dangers faced by Iraqis who had worked with our armed forces in Iraq. I sponsored a meeting in Parliament in 2007 and wrote about it:

Mark and Andrew both gave eye witness accounts of what is going on in Iraq and how those who helped us by translating or other service now are being hunted down and killed. It was graphic, appalling and compelling.

These horrors made the mealy-mouthed, half-arsed announcement by G Brown yesterday to allow those who worked for us for more than 12 months some financial (very low) package to resettle and under agreed circumstances admittance to the UK look completely inadequate.

To me, I longed for Gordon just to say what needed to be said – we have a moral responsibility towards you and you are welcome in our country. That’s what Denmark did. In fact Denmark recognising the danger in which their employees now were – flew them and their families out.

Whatever you think of the Iraq war (and I opposed it) – we should look after those we employed. But even the limited amount the Government was willing to do is now coming to an end. As today’s Times puts it,

The Government has been accused of deserting former Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives for Britain, after announcing that it would close its assistance scheme in a fortnight.

Britain’s treatment of the Iraqis was compared last night with that of the Gurkhas as it emerged that scores of families are still living in fear of being murdered by militias who accuse them of collaborating with the enemy.

MPs from all three parties have described the assistance scheme as deliberately restrictive and called for a review…

Lynne Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat MP, said: “There are going to be people still in danger. The enemy is still out there. It is mean-spirited.”

The Express also has coverage here.

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  1. Is there anything we can do in terms of writing to our MP or campaigning about this, asking our MP to sign an EDM for example?

  2. good day for the british people am an iraqi refugees still stock in syria with lot,s of iraqi,s but there is one reson for me not get risk to go back for basrah cause I have been work as an interpreter with the british forces in shouaiba logistic base for only 7 month Here in the state of Syria are barred from working in any field, and I have a wife and children and I have a child suffering from heart disease and the cost of treatment is very expensive and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is not enough to help the Iraqis because of Syrian law and I am here now Osara to live for my children and I can not refer to the Iraqis that my friend before the murder and torture have been reported to me, and sufficient information in the future, even Ijdony has given them this information under torture before he was killed in July 2007 I do not know where the ship is without work and without hope …. a former translator at the British forces….HELP ME PLEASEL.S.U NO:

  3. Waleed – I have got your message – and will be taking your case as an example to the Foreign Secretary.