Gurkha vote

I’ve got half an hour before our weekly parliamentary party meeting – but I can’t settle down following the sheer exhilaration and excitement of winning the vote on our, Liberal Democrat opposition motion to give the Ghurkhas full rights to live in our country. When you see your tellers, the LibDem tellers come and stand on the right as you face Mr Speaker – you know the Government has suffered a defeat. And then you wait – and then the teller from the winning side reads out the vote – and you hear that you have defeated the Government by over 20 votes – and the House goes wild!

0 thoughts on “Gurkha vote

  1. Great stuff Lynne. Congratulations to you and all your parliamentary colleagues.It is a great day for the Gurkahs and natural justice.

  2. Well done Lynne – a fantastic result for your party and a great day for justice.I would like to see this venal and corrupt Labour Government try to overturn this one – they would rightly be pilloried for trying it.Can’t wait until the General Election when I would hope to se the LibDems overtake Labour to become the official opposition party.