Rhodes Avenue Primary School consultation

From the consultation on expanding Rhodes Avenue School, Haringey Council says:

“The first stage of consultation on a possible expansion of Rhodes Avenue Primary School in Alexandra ward to three forms of entry (90 reception places) ended on the 28 November 2008 …

“The Council has considered the views of the respondents, and balanced those views with the need to increase the supply of school places in the area.

“The Council has decided to go ahead with the publication of the statutory notices.

“The Statutory Notices will be published on Friday 24th April 2009. Statutory Notices will be published outside the school gates and in the local papers.

“This will start the formal consultation process and will last for four weeks. The process will end on Friday the 22nd May 2009. All interested parties are invited to write in and make their views know to the Acting Head of Place Planning, 48 Station Road, Wood Green N22 7TY by this date.”

So if you want to respond to the ‘statutory’ consultation – then go to http://www.haringey.gov.uk/rhodesconsultation for more information – and by all means post up your comments on this blog too.

0 thoughts on “Rhodes Avenue Primary School consultation

  1. I live 850m from Rhodes Ave school, and even this is on the borderline of the school’s catchment zone. To say that there’s a shortage of school-places in this region would be an understatement. But I am somewhat divided on this matter – do we really want our local primary to be transformed into a mega-school with three classes in each year? On the other side, why not grow a school with a track-record for excellent leadership and teaching.Sal

  2. I live 650m from Rhodes and according to the last three years statistics am outside not only the catchment for Rhodes but the nearest 6 Primary schools.I am a key worker and my husband and I have contributed plenty tax over the years. It’s a disgrace that the Council cannot plan to provide us, the paying public, with the services they are in control off.Parents near me either have to trek miles from home to take their children to school, go private (an expensive £10K a year) or pretend to be Christians every weekend until they get their children into faith schools.Ironically, the statistics I have seen show that Our Lady of Muswell is under-subscribed. Surely, these places should be opened up to non-Catholics.

  3. I am a parent who has children at the school and was until the meeting last night, undecided either way.However after seeing what is being proposed, i know that the expansion is not in the best interest of the children who will attend Rhodes Avenue. There will be less play area and 33% more children in a smaller space than at present and potentially more tarmac play area!! The same size dinning hall + kitchen, which cannot cope with the present numbers of children and the possibility of children having to be educated in halls and dinning areas !!The plans for the new buildings are very poor and the parents and those children who will use these classrooms have had no say in this process. I beleive that by adding another 30places per annum the catchment area will only increase by 50 meters, so many parents will be in the same position as at present.Also i have found out that Bounds Green Primary school, which is also an excellent school and is only 0.8 of a mile away from Rhodes Avenue, can already take 30 additional children and has been able to take 3 forms since 1999,but is not being used?? Why??. I am sure the £9 Million that is being spent on Rhodes Avenue could be used to reduce council tax bills, or improve schools that are not up to the same standard, so there would be less issues with what school children went too.Also people may not know that St James’s wants to have an additional form entry, has applied to do so, but has been turned down by the council. Their catchment area would also increase and help many parents who do not qaulify at the moment. So many other options but the council has chosen the most expensive and disruptive option ? I do not understand why and they would not tell us??? what is being hidden that we do not know about, a political agenda or just a knee jerk reaction to a shortage of places, i would love to know the truth…..

  4. In support of the previous comment, it seems to us, also as parents of a child at Rhodes, that the current expansion plans are typical of Haringey Council – ill-considered, poorly designed and detrimental to the children who are already there who will have to suffer during the “development phase”. All this from a Zanu Labour council who only a few years ago couldn’t see why such expansion was necessary! Its very obvious that the so-called “consultation stage” is a poor joke, they won’t listen now anymore than they did a few years ago when they were peddling the opposite argument. Soon we’ll find ourselves with yet another concrete jungle and a Walmart-style education. Lynne, please sort these idiots out!!

  5. Nick/Anoymous? I’m alright, Jack!!?I’ll give up work and thrudge across the Borough so your kids can have a few extra metres to trudge around in a break.Get some perspective!!